Built and completed in June 10, 1969, Buntun Bridge was considered the longest bridge in the country spanning the Cagayan River. (Today, however, it landed as the 5th longest). Known in the locality as the talletay ta Buntun, it is more than a kilometer long so that there was a belief that one can finish reciting the “Lupang Hinirang” while traversing it. What makes it even more popular is the fact that it extends over the Cagayan River, known as the longest river in the country, which stretches about 150 kilometers from the province of Nueva Viscaya down to the province of Cagayan specifically in the town of Aparri where the river meets the sea. So what else could be “long” about this spectacular bridge other than these facts? Perhaps, the next long thing about it is the length of time the public has been waiting for the bridge to be lighted. For years, passersby have long been appealing for a brightly lighted Buntun Bridge, especially when darkness looms. But tonight, this long wait is over. Finally, Buntun Bridge will now be brighter than ever and Cagayanos can now say “And there was light.”

Not until the year 2019 that the clamor of commuters to have lights at the Buntun Bridge was again brought to the attention of CAGELCO 1 by Hon. Mayor Jennalyn P. Carag of Solana through a resolution. In another instance, Hon. Mayor Jefferson P. Soriano also mentioned the same concern, the lighting of the Buntun bridge in one of his discussions with the General Manager.

With this, the General Manager, Engr. Tito R. Lingan, presented to the Board of Directors of CAGELCO 1 this request. The Board approved and included the energization of the Buntun Bridge under the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Coop. This means CAGELCO 1 would shoulder all, to include the monthly bills. As the Project cost amounted to One Million Nine Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Pesos and Eighteen Centavos (₱ 1,993,927.18) it as subjected to bidding. JUA Electrical Services won the bidding for the lighting of the Buntun Bridge with complete attachment and accessories.

Tonight, the wait is over. We can rightfully say, here is the light that guides our way.