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        Rural Electrification is the most formidable force in bringing about change. In our case, these changes came in the form of brighter nights, faster dissemination of information and upgraded communication, industrial trades and other forms of positive improvements which all spell PROGRESS.

        The Sitio Electrification Program (SEP) started in 2011 with the pouring of funds from the national government under the auspices of President Benigno Simeon “Pnoy” Aquino III and the National Electrification Administration (NEA) with Administrator Edith Bueno at the helm.  To date, some eight billion pesos in funds have been allocated to reach a target of 10,394 sitios for 2013. To monitor the implementation of this project, each Coop was mandated to form an Accelerated Total Electrification Office (ATEO) and for a composite team from the different departments, the Sitio Electrification Unit (SEU).

        In our coverage area, we energized some 45 sitios last year (2012) and this benefitted some 1,350 indigent recipients. This year CAGELCO 1, under GM Tito R. Lingan and BOD President Lorenzo L. Trinidad Jr., share fulfilling the mission and has 28 sitios  ready for construction. These sitios are spread throughout the coverage area, mostly in the hinterlands of Baggao, Rizal and Penablanca.

        During our visit to these sitios, the people were at first, very apprehensive about the news that electricity is indeed coming their way. They reacted from years of waiting and some even said that at least, they can see the light before they die. This apprehensiveness soon diminishes as we discuss with them the project, the requirements, their barangay counterpart (right of way clearing) and other details that enlighten them and make them feel that this project is indeed true and doable

        Truly, rural electrification has come a long way. From the municipyos which became cities, to the barangays and now down the line to the farthest sitio. The President dreams of a brighter, progressive and peaceful nation when he leaves post come 2016. With the funds he has allotted to seeing this becomes a reality and with NEA and the Coop’s unwavering support and strict implementation, mas maliwanag ang tatahakin natin tungo sa tuwid daan!

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